Invierno Invertido

Winter is upon us! Well… not really. Where is the snow? Kensington has been packed this past week, with people coming in with their fall jackets, trading sheepish smiles like we’ve cheated the winter for one more day. We can dream, can’t we? We’re cooking up some Venezuelan pork today, its really moving fast! Too bad it takes about 10 hours to cook, plus two days to marinate! The orders for hallacas are coming in heavy now too and we can’t make them fast enough, remember to call in advance if you want to make a large order. Pan de Jamon will be ready by the 24th, so start making those calls!

I am addicted to Brazilian music right now so 181 Augusta is always sounding like Rio in the 60s. Come check it out!

Hasta Luego,


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