How to unblock Glo Sim with NIN – NIN to Glo

how to unblock glo sim with nin. due to security challenges in Nigeria, federal government has instructed all the Telecom companies in Nigeria to block any sim card that’s not linked with a valid NIN. if you’re among those whose Glo sim card got blocked during the period, check below to see the procedure to … Read more

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How to unblock Airtel Sim online with NIN

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How to UNLINK NIN from an Airtel Sim card

how to UNLINK NIN from Airtel Sim card. are you among those asking, how can I unlink my NIN from my Airtel Sim card?, can I unlink national identification number from a sim card?…. during the time <a href=””>federal government blocked all sim card</a> that hasn’t been linked to a valid national identification number in … Read more