how to track a lost or stolen phone using WhatsApp [2022 update].

how to track a lost or stolen phone using WhatsApp [2022 update].

do you know you can track a phone using <a href=””>WhatsApp </a>only?

this have been helping people to find their phone for years now though many haven’t heard about this.

there’s a feature in WhatsApp that allows you to track down a phone when you turn ON the feature.

in this article, I will be explaining to you every thing you need to know about tracking your lost phone using your WhatsApp.

endeavour to read this article till the end as all the information provided will be helpful to anyone who want to know how to track a stolen or lost phone using Whatsapp.

<h2>how to track a lost or <a href=””>stolen phone</a> using WhatsApp.</h2>
to track your lost or stolen phone using WhatsApp, below are the procedure to follow in order to achieve this.

remember to check how to track a lost phone using phone number or IMEI number on the next section Below as that’s the perfect and surest way of tracking your lost phone.

procedure for tracking your lost or stolen phone using Whatsapp.
<li> open your WhatsApp app.</li>
if the phone you’re trying to track doesn’t have WhatsApp installed or perfectly working on it, then you can no perform any action with this.

the phone must be active with an active data bundle available to enable the connection.
<li> choose the phone you want to track your phone with.</li>
to do this, tap on chat to select a contact whose phone you want to track your phone with.

if the user is among your frequently or recently chatted contact, you can just tap on the chart to start with the set up.
<li> tap on the<a href=””> link option</a> on your WhatsApp massage entry area.</li>
on this section, you will see something like upload photos, gallery, location and other things.

tap on location to start with the location sharing set up.

you may be required to turn on your GPS if it is off, your phone may also ask you to give WhatsApp access to your location if it’s denied by default.

once you finish with granting the permission and turning on your phone location, the next thing will be to enable share location
<li> enable share location.</li>
now, you have to share your phone WhatsApp location with the chosen user.

there’s an option for you to choose how long you want the location sharing to last.

it’s actually a short period of time though.

enter your required duration period and send this inform of a WhatsApp message to the user you have chosen.
<li> turn ON your mobile data or wifi for network connection.</li>
for this feature to work in WhatsApp, you must turn on your mobile data or connect both phone to an active network source.

this is the procedure for setting up mobile phone tracking through WhatsApp.

looking at all this, it’s not really helpful as it can only work for maximum duration of 8 hrs.

another thing here’s that you can not track a phone that’s turned off using this feature.

this can only be used to track a phone that’s not stolen or phone that’s misplaced.

as I told you earlier, the<a href=””> best option</a> for tracking a stolen phone is by using the phone number, IMEI number.

check below as I will be explaining to you the procedure to follow in order to track your phone using the IMEI number.

reason why you can’t track your lost or stolen phone using Whatsapp.

many people have been thinking that it’s possible to track a stolen phone,.

below are some of the reasons why you can’t track a stolen phone using Whatsapp.
<li> WhatsApp phone tracking feature can not function on a phone that’s turned off</li>
about 70% percent of phone that’s stolen are usually turned off within few minutes of losing the phone, this feature can not work here.
<li> it requires mobile data for it to work.</li>
once the phones mobile data is turned off, this tracking will not be available.
<li> this tracking feature only lasts for about 8hrs, after 8hrs, it will be unavailable.</li>
<strong>check below to see how you can track down your phone using IMEI</strong>

<h2>how to track a lost or stolen phone using IMEI <a href=””>phone number.</a></h2>
each phone has its own IMEI number, you can easily find the number by checking your phone pact.

this is why it’s very important to keep your phone pack safe, even when you’re buying a second hand phone, request for the phone pack because it is very useful.

if you don’t have your phone pack, you can check the phone battery.

with the IMEI number, you can easily track any phone.

there’s also a code for checking IMEI number though it’s not important here.

procedure to follow in order to track your stolen phone using IMEI number.

if you’re interested in knowing more about this, check the article below

how to track a stolen or lost phone using IMEI number

Track your Android phone with the IMEI number.

To track your lost Android phone with the IMEI number, you need to download a third-party IMEI tracking app, such as IMEI Tracker-Find My Device. However, we recommend using this method as your last resort.

there are numerous IMEI trackers available in app store, install one and input your stolen phones IMEI to start with the tracking procedure.
<h2>how to find a lost or stolen phone using Google account “email”</h2>
To find, lock, or erase an Android phone, using your Google account, the Lost phone must:
<li>Be visible on Google Play</li>
<li>Have Location turned on</li>
<li>Have Find My Device turned on</li>
<li>Be turned on</li>
<li>Be signed in to a Google Account</li>
<li>Be connected to mobile data or Wi-Fi</li>
<strong>Below are the procedure for tracking your lost or stolen phone using Google account</strong>

Remotely find, lock, or erase

Go to <a href=””></a> and sign in to your Google Account, once you sign in with the account that’s associating with the Lost phone, The lost phone gets a notification.

On the map, you’ll get info about where the phone is.

the location might not be exactly where the phone is but approximately.

below are what you can do once you sign in to Google find account.

1. Play sound.

you can make your phone ring when searching for it by turning on the Ring action on the Google find account.

Rings your phone at full volume for 5 minutes, even if it’s set to silent or vibrate.

2. Secure device.

you can lock your stolen phone using your other phones by setting up the security lock using Google find.

you can setup a password, pin or pattern.

To help someone return your phone to you, you can add a message or phone number to the lock screen.

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