SMSTOWIN.COM Etv Register and login Here.

SMSTOWIN.COM Etv Register & Play Here.

there’s an ongoing SMStoWIN competition on ETV, you can participate in this competition and win so far you’re a South African.

there are some Requirements needed for this competition and also, some rules guiding SMStoWIN ETV competition.

if you’re interested in participating in this competition, this blog post is for you as you will get to see all the necessary information you might need.

please endeavor to read this blog post till the end as all the information provided here will be very helpful to anyone who want to participate in this SMStoWIN competition that’s been broadcasts in ETV.

how to join etv competition.

in order to participate in this competition, you need to first register online in SMStoWIN ETV competition registration portal.

this is the first Requirements for participating in this competition.

if you have successfully completed the online registration, you can now SMS w to 39975 and compete with others in the competition.

before signing up for the competition, it is important to know the terms and conditions for this competition and also the requirements for participating in the SMStoWIN competition.

Below are the requirements for participating in SMStoWIN ETV competition.

you must be a South African or a South Africa resident with a valid South Africa ID, this is to make sure that SMStoWIN ETV competition organizer can reach out to you easily when you win in the competition.

you must be above eight years of age before you can be eligible for participating.

you need to provide a valid means of communication where SMStoWIN ETV competition organizer can follow and contact you if you win in the competition.

you are to send the SMS with MTN, Telecom or Vodacom sim card.

many people made the mistake of sending SMS to 39975 with a sim card that is not in the list above.

bear it in mind that any SMS you sent with another SIM card not listed above will be a waste of airtime. ETV whatsapp number.

there’s no available WhatsApp number you can follow and get in contact with SMStoWIN ETV competition customer service agent or the organizer.

if you want to contact SMStoWIN ETV competition customer service agent, you are advised to call their customer service agent or to send an email.

for more information about how to contact SMStoWIN ETV competition customer service agent, check below for a detailed guide.


if you don’t get a reply when you contact the customer service phone number, we advice you to reach out to SMStoWIN via email. etv competition entry form.

as you have seen the requirements for participating in this competition above, you can get started by filling out the entry form.

you need to first register online before sending SMS to 39975.

to get started with the online registration, click below and complete the details in the entry form.


First thing to do if you’re interested  in participating in this competition is to register online.

the REGISTRATION is free, you only need to provide the necessary information in the form.

NOTE: not all network are acceptable in the SMStoWIN competition, you are to participate in the competition using only MTN, Vodacom and Telecom sim.

now that you have complete the online registration, the next thing to do is to send SMS w to 39975 and stand a chance to win.

in case you don’t know how to play the game, below, I will be showing you a detailed procedure to follow in order to play and win in the competition etv competition winners.

at the end of every show, the list of all the winners will be publish online.

if you have won in the competition or you know anyone that recently won, you can check the list of the winners below.

If you are a winner and we have not been able to contact you to confirm your name, address and bank account details to transfer you the amount you have won, please email your name, address, the telephone number you called the show from and the date you won to For faster processing please write to the subject: “I AM A WINNER”.

Date of Winning Firstname City Amount won
2022-10-16 Under checking Under checking R 10000
2022-10-15 Sanele Newcastle R 10000
2022-10-15 Elizabeth Vredeford R 300
2022-10-15 Dorah Johannesburg R 300
2022-10-15 Under checking Under checking R 200
2022-10-14 Disebo Regina Sasolburg R 5000
2022-10-14 Under checking Under checking R 700
2022-10-14 Modiehi Vanderbijlpark R 600
2022-10-14 Haward Elukwatini R 500
2022-10-14 Stephina North West R 300
2022-10-14 Lucky Pretoria R 10000
2022-10-14 Nicolene Fochville R 700
2022-10-14 Malibongwe Cape Town R 600
2022-10-14 Moeletji Centurion R 500
2022-10-14 Lucia Vanderbijlpark R 400
2022-10-14 Eston Durban R 300
2022-10-08 Nomthandazo East London R 5000
2022-10-08 Siphesihle Pietermaritzburg R 2000
2022-10-08 Mbuso Mbombela R 500
2022-10-08 Taswell Cape Town R 10000
2022-10-08 Sibusiso Soshanguwe R 500
2022-10-08 Anna Rustenburg R 500
2022-10-08 Under checking Under checking R 500
2022-10-07 Willem Vredeford R 5000
2022-10-07 Navashenne Durban R 10000
2022-10-07 Thobekile Johannesburg R 400
2022-10-07 Moeletji Centurion R 300
2022-10-07 Ntomboxolo Saldanha R 200
2022-10-01 Nomaxhosa Cape Town R 10000
2022-10-01 Under checking Under checking R 500
2022-10-01 Mbuso Mbombela R 500
2022-09-30 Karabo Pretoria R 10000
2022-09-30 Siphokuhle East London R 600
2022-09-30 Virginia Johannesburg R 600
2022-09-30 Surprise Pretoria R 500
2022-09-24 Malibongwe Cape Town R 5000
2022-09-24 Siyanda Durban R 300
2022-09-24 Bontle Pretoria R 300
2022-09-24 Jabulisile Precious Durban R 300
2022-09-24 Zusiphe Cape Town R 12000
2022-09-24 Kamohelo Krugersdorp R 500
2022-09-24 Zile Klerksdorp R 400
2022-09-24 Xoliswa Audrey Krugersdorp R 300
2022-09-24 Eston Durban R 300
2022-09-24 Nicolene Fochville R 300
2022-09-24 Naison Cape Town R 300
2022-09-24 Brightness Durban R 300
2022-09-24 Ludwick Burgersfort R 300
2022-09-23 Mandisa Cape Town R 5000
2022-09-23 Lihle Secunda R 300
2022-09-23 Malibongwe Cape Town R 11000
2022-09-23 Karabo Pretoria R 400
2022-09-23 Fezeka Rustenburg R 400
2022-09-23 Under checking Under checking R 400
2022-09-23 Sevennah Cape Town R 300
2022-09-23 Tsiu Durban R 300
2022-09-23 Zama Doris Durban R 300

if you’re among these winners, please indicate by sending an email via or by calling the number provided for you above

since the competition started, we have had about two thousand winners, if the phone number you provided for SMStoWIN is correct, you will receive a call if you win

how to play in etv competition.

the game is very simple and easy, if you have completed the online registration, playing this game is very simple.

once the competition starts, you will be giving a picture to identify the one that differs from others.

look closely at the picture to identify the picture number that differs from others.

now that you have identified the odd number, The next thing to do is to send SMS to 39975.

if you want to play, you can only during the LIVE show, Friday and Saturday, you need to send the word “WIN” to the number 39975, and this way you will have to chance to be drawn/selected into the live show. Sending the SMS does not guarantee, that you will be the selected one, but the more SMS you send, the bigger chance you will have. Good luck !

is etv competition legit?

many people have been asking this question.

SMStoWIN competition on ETV is legit, many people have won the money and many are still winning.

before you tag the competition a scam, make sure that you are following the appropriate procedure provided for you.

The reason why you think it is a scam is because you don’t read the information

let me show you how you can do it to win

-first Buy airtime

-wait for the time the game is playing

-this game is not for Cell C users users only voda, Telecom and mtn

-after buying airtime…do the daily unlock on vodacom OR play a game on mtn but dial *234#

-after playing switch off data and open flight mode for 5seconds and switch your data again

-buy SMS’s (10 Sms’s upwards)

-register online

-when the game starts make sure you send the sms to their number 39975

-make sure you be the first one to sms so they can receive your SMS in time

-after doing that, you’ll be chosen from that sms you sent and then they will call you

-answer their calls on time and you’ll be ready to answer

Then after winning they’ll call you again for cards information and the money will be sent fast in the morning

It’s not a scam guys they can’t allow people to make live while doing scams to people guys it is real trust me

If you need more help tell me I will help thank you guys!

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