Viola Davis biography, early life, career, awards and net worth.

Viola Davis biography, early life, carear, awards and net worth.

Viola Davis: A Trailblazing Actress and Advocate

Viola Davis is a force to be reckoned with in Hollywood. She is a trailblazing actress known for her powerful performances on screen and her advocacy for diverse representation in the entertainment industry. In this blog post, we will delve into the biography of Viola Davis, her early life, career, awards, and net worth.

Early Life

Viola Davis was born on August 11, 1965, in St. Matthews, South Carolina. She grew up in poverty, and her family struggled to make ends meet. Her father, Dan Davis, was a horse trainer, and her mother, Mae Alice, was a maid and factory worker. Viola Davis has often talked about how her difficult childhood shaped her life and her acting career.


Viola Davis’s acting career began in the theater. She graduated from the Juilliard School in 1993, and soon after, she landed her first professional acting job in the Broadway production of August Wilson’s play “Seven Guitars”. She went on to star in several other Broadway productions, including “King Hedley II” and “Fences”, for which she won a Tony Award in 2010.

In 2001, Viola Davis made her film debut in the movie “Kate & Leopold”. She has since appeared in numerous films, including “Doubt”, “The Help”, “Prisoners”, and “Fences”. She has been nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress three times, and in 2017, she won the award for her role in the movie “Fences”.

Viola Davis has also made a name for herself in television. She starred in the television series “How to Get Away with Murder” from 2014 to 2020. For her role in the show, she won the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series in 2015, making her the first African American woman to win the award.


Viola Davis has received numerous awards and accolades for her acting career. She has been nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress three times and won the award in 2017 for her role in the movie “Fences”. She has also won a Tony Award, an Emmy Award, a Golden Globe Award, and a Screen Actors Guild Award.

Net Worth

Viola Davis’s net worth is estimated to be around $25 million. She has earned this wealth through her successful acting career, endorsements, and production deals. She is also a philanthropist and has donated to several causes, including hunger relief, education, and civil rights.


Viola Davis is a true inspiration, both on and off screen. She has overcome adversity and used her platform to advocate for diversity and representation in Hollywood. Her powerful performances have captivated audiences around the world, and her work has earned her numerous awards and accolades. Viola Davis’s legacy will undoubtedly continue to inspire future generations of actors and advocates alike.

Additional information.

Viola Davis has not only been recognized for her acting abilities, but also for her advocacy work in promoting diversity and representation in the entertainment industry. In 2012, she founded the production company JuVee Productions with her husband, Julius Tennon. The company focuses on producing films and television shows that showcase underrepresented voices, particularly those of women and people of color.

In addition to her work in the entertainment industry, Viola Davis is also a philanthropist. She is a goodwill ambassador for the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF), and has also supported several charities, including Hunger Is, a charitable campaign aimed at ending childhood hunger in America.

Viola Davis has also been vocal about her personal struggles with self-esteem and her journey to self-acceptance. She has spoken candidly about the impact of growing up in poverty and experiencing racism and discrimination, and how it has influenced her life and career.

Despite the challenges she has faced, Viola Davis has become a trailblazer in the entertainment industry, breaking down barriers and paving the way for future generations of actors and advocates. Her talent, dedication, and passion have earned her numerous awards and accolades, and her impact on the industry and society as a whole is immeasurable.

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